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TBL-5000 is the most powerful debate lecture solution that students can link their various materials prepared by using their own laptop, notebook computers or smart terminals etc. and transmit them simultaneously to Team-Monitor, which maximizes the learning effect in team play.

TBL-5000/5000M system features
Optimized system for Team play class, general classroom, small or integrated conference room.
Image transmission of original quality through digital signal in/output
Two-way signal transmission supports various types of classes.
Hardware based interface minimizes external influences (no restriction on computer specifications)
Possible to build wired/wireless integrated system by combination with wireless devices such as Google cast.
Firmware update port supported for system improvement and maintenance after installation.

System Configuration Diagram(TBL-5000M)

Proposal for System Configuration(TBL-5000M)

TBL-5000 Only
Available use of various devices
6 channels connected to devices
Easy check on selected channel with KEY LED light on
Different type of devices used (Specific devices need converters)
Useful for team learning, small conference
concurrent output of two screens (Multiplex monitor/projectors, etc.)
Audio output available (from TBL-5000 or Amplifier and external speakers, etc.)

TBL-5000 interworked
In use of TBL-5000 interworked
Up to 12 channels available by combining two teams
Sharing 1~4 output devices (multiplex monitor/ projector1, 2)
Available use of various devices
Extension of Team learning or inter-conference rooms available


TBL-5000 connected to TBL-5000M
Controlled by master console
Control by TBL-5000M
Up to 12 of TBL-5000 connected to TBL-5000M
Compatible with up to 72 input devices
Priority-based channel switching
Recommended place: Classroom for Team learning, Large conference room
Using the control programs
TBL-5000M can process various learning methods by using control programs for PC.
Sequential conversion according to priority-based or team turn, Lecturer's screen sharing
Functions of Instructor Program (Master Console)
Teaching by teams/groups
Teacher screen transfer to student monitors
Individual transmission of teacher screen to a student monitor
Monitoring student screen
Modeling student screen
Solution for learning management (HTML5)

Construction Case Download